Swedish quality and reliability

When you buy products from us at Swedish Supplements, we want you to feel confident that you always get the best. Our entire range from dietary supplements to health food and nutritional supplements should be of the highest quality. Quality is the watchword that permeates everything from idea to finished product on the shelf. We regularly carry out self-checks on the range where we test new batches for both taste and appearance. We have a responsibility to you as a customer so that you feel confident that you get safe supplements that comply with all laws and regulations. The Swedish National Food Agency has created the clear regulations that affect everything from content and dosage to labelling and marketing. A regulatory framework that everyone must comply with by law. A quality work with high quality. We actively reject all doping and make sure that our products do not contain anything illegal. For Swedish Supplements, it is important that you who train and compete in different sports should be able to be confident that you get safe supplements that are carefully controlled through all stages.

Safe controlled production

Swedish Supplements is a quality certified company. We have IP Livsmedel Certification, which means that we follow all the guidelines that exist from the Swedish Food Agency regarding content, but also regarding the handling of our products. To earn this certification, our company is carefully reviewed by an independent control agencie KIWA. The independent party reviews how well we follow industry guidelines, regulatory requirements, and a long list of other quality criteria. An additional advantage of IP Livsmedel is that it is a time-limited certification. The companies that have been certified are reviewed annually and a renewal of the certificate is required every three years.

We are also users of the industry leading consulting service Nutraveris, in the matter of law and regulations concerning food and dietary supplements. When it comes to science rules and regulations not only in Sweden but in all EU Member States they are always up to date. We ensure that we constantly are following the latest research and  rules that come from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

In the manufacturing  of our products, the workflow follow the method HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which can most easily be explained as risk analysis. With this method, dietary supplements are controlled throughout production from idea to finished product. Every step is monitored from the choice of suppliers, ingredients, manufactoring facilities to the choice of packaging material. The purpose of this method is to minimize the risk of quality deficiencies occurring during the production process. HACCP is a standardized working method that describes how to screen, assess and control possible risks in food production. The working method is developed with the intention that food and products should always be completely safe for the consumer.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is followed in manufacturing process. This is a regulatory framework for the manufacture and packaging of food and health food and medicines. The quality stamp includes rules about the training and responsibilities of production staff. When products are manufactured with GMP standard, every produced batch must be analyzed by a person with special qualifications. Should any error or defect occur during production, this must be investigated with a special system called: Corrective and Prevention Action.

Sustainable future

We know that all people make an impact on the environment and therefore Swedish Supplements wants to take responsibility and actively work for a more sustainable use of energy and resources. We also want to help you as a customer to make sustainable choices and therefore we constantly work with environmentally smart solutions both in terms of products, transport and our way of working. Our cartons are made of recycled paper. Our bags are made from compostable fully degradable cornstarch instead of plastic. We use environmentally friendly green electricity.

Our social responsibility

Swedish Supplements does not see supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet. If your everyday life is stressful, you might not get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals from  vegetables or fruit in your daily diet, if you are vegan, or if you follow a strict diet, then it can be very helpful to add a dietary supplement to your day. 

Healthy lifestyle

We advocate a healthy lifestyle where exercise and diet are part of it and where you can use supplements as an aid and complement to daily diet. We reward good eating habits, supplements that  complements your everyday life ensuring your intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as finding the exercise that you love to perform and feel good about. Swedish supplements believes that health and exercise should mean that you feel good about your body, giving it what it needs and train according to your goals and conditions. Your health matters.


Our products are used by people at different training levels, from exercisers to elite athletes and national teams and with it comes a responsibility. We actively reject doping and make sure that our products do not contain anything illegal. Therefore, we always follow the recommendations of the Swedish Food Agency and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) regarding all of our products and manufacture Swedish Supplements products only in factories that never handle illegal substances. We regularly carry out self-checks to continuously ensure  that we only deliver what´s on the label.