Tribulus Forte

Tribulus Forte

Tribulus Forte from Swedish Supplements

  • Optimized hormone levels
  • Strengthens the formation of body-specific testosterone
  • High content of protodiocin

Tribulus Forte from Swedish Supplements is one of our back-to-basics products in capsule form.

Protodiocin has an extremely important role in Tribulus Forte, as it strengthens the maintenance of the body’s own testosterone levels by raising the natural secretion of LH (luteinizing hormone). Tribulus Forte contains carefully selected raw materials with 90% saponin content, which is equivalent to high protodiocin content. Tribulus Forte is a clinically tested testosterone booster containing only natural ingredients from Beggar Nut. Tribulus is also attributed to potency-enhancing and aphrodisiac properties.


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