Cream of Rice | Heavenly Rich Chocolate

Cream of Rice | Heavenly Rich Chocolate

Cream Of Rice is an ideal stomach friendly carbohydrate source suitable to make delicious puddings, shakes or porrige

Swedish Supplements Cream of Rice is a delicious and easily digestible source of complex carbohydrates to help you increase your carbohydrate intake when you need readily available energy. It’s super easy to prepare and each 32g serving contains at least 24g of carbohydrates and less than 0.2g of sugar. It’s the perfect start to the day or as a snack to give you energy before your workout.

We use an exclusive instantized rice powder which gives a good solubility in water and a creamy and delicious result.

Cream of Rice is the perfect carbohydrate alternative as it is vegan, gluten-free and wheat-free, making it suitable for all dietary preferences.

Swedish Supplements Cream of Rice is available in two delicious Flavors: Heavenly Rich Chocolate and Vanilla Gelato and is suitable for anyone looking for an easily digestible and gluten-free alternative to oats and other carbohydrate sources. It is an excellent supplement for most athletes, from bodybuilders to endurance athletes looking to increase the intake of high-quality calories in their daily diet.

Swedish Supplements Cream of rice is easy to prepare. One scoop (32g), mix with 2-300 ml of water in a bowl to the desired consistency, heat in the microwave if desired for up to 1 minute, stir again, eat and enjoy. Unlike many other rice powder products, the consistency already thickens when cold and does not need to be heated for this unless desired. One package provides 30 servings.

Cream of Rice is already flavoured and sweetened and tastes wonderful as is, but you can also try combining it with a protein from Swedish supplements to make a nutritionally balanced protein porridge.

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Suggested Use

Take 1 and 1/2 scoop (70ml) ca 50g powder and mix with 3dl water Drink during and/or after training.


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