Cleanse & Balance

Cleanse & Balance

Cleance & Balance, The all natural potassium sparing product that helps you fight waterretension and bloating.

  • Mild yet effective diuretic
  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains Dandelion and Potassium

Cleanse & Balance

Cleanse & Balance from Swedish Supplements is a well-studied composition of herbs and plant extracts like dandelion root, juniper berry, cranberry and green that are specifically combined for use during the diet. The product is a powerhouse of known and effective ingredients that work in synergy to alleviate water retention and bloating. This is desirable when competing in fitness, bodybuilding or before a photo shoot. Draining of excess water is in many cases directly crucial to be able to show off a hard and more defined physique on stage.

In many similar products, whole plants are often used instead of extracts. Cleanse & Balance only uses standardized extracts to ensure accurate dosing of each ingredient. The extracts are also among the strongest on the market

Cleanse & Balance contains potassium and vitamin B6. These help the body to remove unwanted fluid from the body as they have the opposite effect from, for example, the salt we get in our diet. The salt helps the body bind fluid, sometimes more than desired.

For those of you who strive for weight loss or fat burning, Cleanse & Balance can work as an excellent complement to your diet and your ordinary fatburning supplements for fast and effective results.

Cleanse & Balance deliberately contains a very low dose of caffeine, which alows you to use it later in the evening time with a lower risk of sleep problems.

The product is completely natural and can be used by both men and women.

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Suggested Use

Daily serving: 6 capsules per day spread throughout the day between meals. Take together with plenty of water


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