Boss brain is the new nootropic powerhouse for the users who quickly needs to improve their mental sharpness and stay focused during long hours of sometimes boring and strenious activities. Perfect for study or deadlines at the office

Boss Brain – 225g. from Swedish Supplements is the ultimate supplement for those seeking superior concentration and sharpness. Our unique, scientifically formulated supplement is primarily designed to improve your cognitive wellbeing and give you the mental power you need. Including Caffeine and CDP Choline, but also Lionsmane extract, Bacognize®, AstraGin® and 11 other active ingredients.

Boss Brain is the perfect supplement for those who want to perform at the top level in work, studies or other challenging situations such as gaming. Give your brain what it deserves with Boss Brain!” increased concentration, focus and attention.
Boss Brain from Swedish Supplements is developed for just this purpose and contains, among other things, natural caffeine from coffee beans in the form of Coffeine™. Caffeine is just one of the 16 active ingredients. Boss Brain also contains key ingredients such as GABA, tyrosine,  AstraGin®, phosfatidyl serine and arctic root.. The ingredients are carefully selected and added in precise amounts. Boss Brain contains:

– Caffeine for focus, alertness and concentration
– Lions mane extract, Bacognize® and CDP choline for increased mental acuity and improved memory.
– Arctic root an adaptogen that helps to manage stress
– Theanine and Gaba for anti-stress and increased focus
– AstraGin® for improved absorption
– A total of 16 unique, active ingredients
– In powder form for easier use
– Delicate taste of Mojito


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