Whey protein – nutritional supplement for muscle increase

November 3, 2017

Whey, whey and whey protein – dear children have many names. Whey raises protein synthesis, increases muscle size and is probably the market’s best-selling protein supply supplement.

Do you know how to take your whey protein in the best way? This protein is derived from milk. Whey protein is one of two kinds of milk protein (the other is casein) and milk protein is 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein. Casein is a popular muscle supplement. But not as popular as usual whey protein. Whey protein is popular as it is rapidly absorbed by your body. It is rapidly metabolised and protein synthesis is increased. It is protein synthesis that builds muscle size so that increasing protein synthesis when exercised is important as it increases recovery. Probably the whey protein is the best addition to muscle growth. Whey protein is complete and excellent for stimulating protein synthesis. Another good thing with whey protein, as many do not know, is that whey protein is the cheapest source of protein.

When using whey protein?

When the whey protein is rapidly metabolized, you want to drink it when you exercise. Because once you’ve been training, your body wants protein to heal the damage to the muscle mass. It is necessary to stimulate muscle counting after microtrauma as it is called. Each time you exercise, the muscles are broken down and this is the microtrauma. Microtrauma is natural, but proteins must be added otherwise the muscles can not grow and grow. Some use whey protein before the gym, others afterwards and then others use whey protein both before and afterwards. The best thing is to use whey protein when the muscles require protein, like when you should or have been training, but most importantly afterwards. If you eat an hour before going to the gym, you may not need whey protein before you start exercising. However, if there is a little longer time between the last meal and your passport, whey protein before exercise is important to you. Do you train fasting to lose weight, then break fast with amino acids and take whey proteins after gym training. There is no right and wrong way. The body wants protein fast during exercise, but before or after or maybe both are different ways of raising protein synthesis. You may customize this to your diet plan. Keep in mind if you’re dying or bouncing. What goals do you have with your workout, how much food do you eat, how do you work / are you – personal things like this say a lot about when you need dietary supplements. Do not you know what’s best? Try to do both, look at the results.

How much whey protein?

Whey protein is, as I said, full protein and you can use it as a snack, but the best is before and after gym training. How much whey protein you need to take depends on different things like how much protein you have in the diet and how you have distributed your nutrition. However, if you have full protein in your diet and cover your need for the protein, a portion will suffice and recover the muscles. Read the package and the content if you are unsure. Vassle is a nutritional supplement and will not replace food, but you will work hard and everything else in the diet is as it should be a good full protein perfect for gym training.

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