Wake Up

Wake Up Caffeine for extra energy

Caffeine is known to give increased ability to focus as well as increased alertness.

Caffeine is perhaps the world’s most proven subject for energy and increased performance. It is extracted from coffee bean leaves from the teaspoons as well as cocoa. The use of caffeine is widespread from coffee as well as tea culture to energy drinks and shots.

product Description

Wake up are caffeine tablets with a total of 250mg of caffeine per tablet. Each jar contains 180pcs. Effect: Stimulating and uplifting. Gives energy and counteracts fatigue,

Wake Up Caffeine for more energy on exercise

Are you going out and jogging? Or go to the gym a turn? Or play soccer? Then it can be good with caffeine tablets The caffeine gives you increased energy. Many users testify that it can work longer and squeeze a little extra into each situation. For example, on a strength exercise you can cope with higher load and more repetitions / reps. During the running round, you can hurry farther stretches faster and run for a long time. Take the caffeine tablets 30-40 minutes before exercise begins.

Can you get side effects of Wake Up?

One can get hard to fall asleep, have a headache and palpitations. Some may also get a little bad in the stomach of caffeine tablets. These side effects are frequent if you take more caffeine than your body is used to. Example: Say you have a tolerance of 200 mg caffeine. Then you can get 300-400 mg caffeine. However, if you overdose and take 600 mg caffeine you may become nauseous. The effect of caffeine is also spicy, which complicates sleep if taken in the evening.

Are caffeine tablets like Wake Up dangerous?

Caffeine tablets are not dangerous as long as you take the recommended dose. Different individuals tolerate caffeine different good wake up have a total of 250mg per capsule, therefore, it is recommended a maximum of 1 tablet per dose.

Can you take wake up caffeine tablets when you are pregnant? Or when you are breastfeeding?

According to Fass, no adverse effects have been shown on either the fetus during pregnancy or the baby during lactation. However, we recommend that you abstain from high caffeine intake during pregnancy or breastfeeding to be on the safe side

Content per tablet

caffeine 250mg


Fillers (microcrystalline cellulose), caffeine, lubricants (magnesium stearate), antifungal agents (silica)



Recommended use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet as needed.30 minutes before physical activity. Due to the strength of the product, begin with the lower dose to determine tolerance. To avoid insomnia do not take 6 hours before bedtime. Do not use the product for more than 8 consecutive weeks without delay. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Recommended only for physically active adults. Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and well balanced diet.


High caffeine content (250mg capsule) – Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women or for people with heart problems or high blood pressure.


Store cool and dry out of reach of children.