Iron Plus

A thoughtful Iron Supplement for women but also men.

Iron Plus is a combination of iron fumarate, folic acid and Vitamin-C, all of which seem synergistic to counter iron deficiency anemia.

Women run greater risk than men to develop iron deficiency mostly due to the menstrual cycle. Recently, studies have shown that hard workouts can block iron jelly for women, making it even easier to develop a lack of fatigue, poorer immune system and depression as common symptoms.

Iron is included in the blood’s hemoglobin, the red blood cells, and is needed to transport oxygen from the lungs into the body’s tissues. Iron is included to regulate the blood’s PH, as well as detoxification and production of DNA. Thanks to its important properties, this becomes a key mineral to health

Folic acid is a vitamin B that is found in leafy vegetables and in liver. It is necessary for cell division and body protein metabolism. Folic acid is extra important for those who want to become elderly are already pregnant. Folic acid deficiency leads to disturbed cell division, which has the greatest effect on fast-growing tissue, such as in the construction of new organs in the bone marrow. Swedish nutrition recommendations say the need is 200ug per day. However, large variations in real needs may exist.

With 2 tablets, you can meet the recommendations for folic acid supplementation and reach an effective dose of iron supplement to avoid iron deficiency. The absorption of iron from the intestine is reduced if taken at the same time as coffee, tea, eggs or milk.

Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron in the body and due to its antioxidative properties folic acid is protected from degradation




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