HMB Magnum

HMB Is the leucine metabolite that appears to be “saving” on the muscle mass, thus, antibacterial metabolism.

  • HMB activates the anabolic process m-TOR
  • Metabolite of Leucine
  • catabolic
  • Improves stamina

    HMB from Swedish Supplements is one of our Back to Basics products in capsule form. Because many substances require higher doses to function, we have developed Magnum caps an extra large capsule that holds up to 1300mg of substance per capsule. Beta Hydroxy Beta Methylbutyrate HMB is metabolite from the amino acid leucine. HMB thus occurs when leucine is converted inside the body.

    HMB counteracts the breakdown of muscle tissue in such a way that the substance inhibits enzymes that have a degradative effect on your muscles.

    HMB has a half-life of about 2½ hours and then falls to base levels after about nine hours. HMB intake should therefore occur both in conjunction with exercise, to reach the peak during the training session, and evenly spread throughout the day to try to maintain a constant high level.
    Recommended use

    On training days take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules before exercise and 2 capsules at bedtime. On rest days, take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules for lunch and 2 capsules in the evening

    CaHMB (Calcium βeta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) capsule casing [bovine gelatin, dye (titanium dioxide)], anticorrosive agent (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide).


Rekommenderad dagsdos

På träningsdagar tag 2 kapslar på morgonen, 2 kapslar före träning samt vid sänggående. På vilodagar tag 2 kapslar på morgonen, 2 kapslar till lunch samt 2 kapslar på kvällen.


Tillskott bör inte användas som alternativ till en varierad kost. Det är viktigt med en mångsidig och balanserad kost och hälsosam livsstil, rekommenderad dos bör ej överskridas.


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