Chromium is the mineral that, according to many, helps to reduce the sweetness. According to EFSA (European Food Safety Association), chromium can be attributed to the following effects on the body: helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and contributes to normal metabolism

Chromium is a dietary supplement that gives 200ug Chromium Sulfate per dose. Chromium is popular to use as a supplement for weight control. This is due to the fact that chromium is said to contribute to the regulation of blood sugar, thereby helping to reduce the sweetness. At low blood sugar levels, our hunger increases for sugar and other fast carbohydrate sources, and by keeping the blood sugar in balance, the worst-sucked chromium is found naturally in nuts, legumes and fish. The daily reference intake of chromium is 40 μg per day for adults, but can be increased up to 200-250 micrograms for shorter periods such as diet. It is at these dosages the effect becomes more clear.





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