Betaalanin Magnum

Swedish Supplements Beta-alanine is intended to help prevent the appearance of lactic acid. Beta alanine is conveniently packed in high-dose magnumcaps

  • Reduces the appearance of lactic acid
  • Increases the maximum capacity
  • Maintains a favorable PH value
  • Whole 1300mg per capsule

Beta-alanine is an amino acid needed to maintain the levels of kerosene in the muscles. Kerosene is a natural substance whose task is to buffer the pH and maintain the acid / base balance for optimal muscle work. An additive of beta-alanine optimizes the levels of karosin and reduces the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles during physical exercise, increasing the capacity and delaying the time to fatigue. If beta-alanine is taken on an empty stomach, some users may experience tingling skin dizziness sometimes even redness. This is harmless and transient, but if it is unpleasant, you should reduce the dose and choose to take it with any carbohydrate-containing drink or food.


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