AAKG Nitro+

AAKG Nitro from Swedish Supplements

  • Gives an increased experienced pump
  • Affects protein synthesis positively
  • Add trimethylglycine from beetroot extract
  • Adds arginine alfacetoglutarate

AAKG Nitro from Swedish Supplements is the supplement for those who like to get the feeling of pump during exercise. Arginine along with nitrate from trimethylglycine helps to widen the blood vessels by secreting nitric oxide that causes them to expand. Larger ranges result in greater circulation of new oxygen and nutrients, as well as better removal of slag products with the blood. Arginine also increases the production of so-called cyclic nucleotides naturally present in muscle tissue, this promotes increased amino acid uptake and improves circulation.

The product is perfect for all strengths, and all in strengths that through heavy exercise want to increase their muscle volume


Mix a bucket about 8g with 2dl of water or other drink and take about 30 minutes before exercise

Agmatine 07.05.2015