Benefits of casein – the evening goal that builds muscles all night long

November 3, 2017

You do not have to have a protein supplement on the schedule when building muscle. But regardless of whether your goal is to gain more muscle mass or maintain fat-free mass, supplementation can help you stimulate protein synthesis. So you’re guaranteed to get you enough protein for the day. But what kind of protein is best? Is it enough with whey or casein? Or do I need both and for maximum effect? If you are serious about your strength training, you know that results are not just about training. It is about exercise, recovery and diet. It is the whole, as an army of the elements of your lifestyle, which determines your results in the long run. Training is of course important, because training is a kind of stimulus for adaptation and change. But when it comes to results that are visible, the work you do in the kitchen is more important. To get the most out of all you need a strong combo. Smart exercise, proper diet, and appropriate dietary supplements. Then you can maximize results! When the target is maximum growth, protein is important. Protein is building blocks that make muscles recover after exercise. It is the protein, and the amino acids that the protein consists of, which supplies muscles with the nutrition that the body needs to repair broken tissue. In order to get you enough protein, it may be worth a supplement. It’s an easy and fast way to get enough protein. Only such a thing can be a big challenge. However, although whey gives a quick uptake, which starts the recovery fast, a more saturated casein protein with a slow uptake can help give muscle protein a longer time. Before we review how you use casein, what situation it works best and what effects you can expect, we’ll look at the benefits. Specifically, how does casein stand compared to whey. When it comes to protein addition, whey powder has become standard. It works to boost protein synthesis quickly as you exercise, which is logical at the time, but casein has other benefits that wheyprotein lacks. One does not have to replace the other and I will explain why.


Long term uptake

A lot of articles have been written about how important it is to get whey around exercise to quickly stimulate protein synthesis after the passport to get started recovery and build muscle. Around the exercise this may be critical, especially on diet with a deficit of calories. But in some situations, we need protein for a long time. As when you die. To reduce the amount of calories in your diet increases the risk of losing muscle mass. Then you need protein for a long time. With casein, you get a more stable, prolonged flow of muscle-building amino acids to the blood for more hours. Due to the rapid absorption, the effects of whey do not last for as long. The quick uptake makes whey fit after training, but how are you going to bed? Because casein is slower, the muscles get protein for a long time, so you never have to worry about not getting enough when you go to bed for the night. Prolonged access to protein means a smaller catabolic biochemical environment, with good conditions for a positive nitrogen balance. This makes casein help you maintain muscles, but also build muscles, thanks to a slow uptake.

Increases muscle mass more

Fast whey protein raises protein synthesis in conjunction with exercise, with a combination of whey and casein increases muscle growth. It shows a study on body composition, muscle strength, stamina and anaerobic capacity published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In the study, a group of men received strength training for 10 weeks with different supplements. The men who received a mixture of whey and casein increased more in fat-free pulp. Therefore, casein, along with whey, can be interesting for anyone who wants to increase muscle mass a bit extra. Previous studies have also shown that mixed protein may have more positive effects on hypertrophic processes compared to pure-whey whey.

More efficient combustion

Much suggests that casein is not only relevant if your goal is more muscle mass. It also works when you want to lose weight and increase combustion. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that a double portion of casein before bedtime can increase metabolism 2.6 percent for up to 24 hours. This is not a big increase in percentage, but it helps you make more extra calories while you sleep while protecting the muscle mass. But there are more benefits of casein for those who want to make the most of the diet. Casein improves insulin sensitivity, how the body stores energy, and sense of saturation. Everyone who has ever been on a diet knows how much you have to fight for sucking for something, much because you go around and are hungier than usual. Because casein increases the saturation feeling, so that the suction for unsuspecting food decreases, you get fatigued faster and lessyou know temptations that sabbar the diet. How to use casein Because casein has a slow uptake, protein synthesis stimulates a longer period of time compared to protein powders that have quick assignments, it is perfect as an evening meal. By drinking casein in the evening before you go down, you make sure that your body has amino acids in the blood all night. It is during sleep, not during the day, as fat is oxidized (or burned). It is also the time of day that the storage of damaged muscle tissue occurs. So the need for protein for muscle building, and positive protein balance to prevent muscle loss, is the greatest when you sleep. There are other times of the day casein can work as well. It is by no means negative with casein as snack, or along with whey around the pass, although whey is wiser if you intend to raise protein synthesis quickly and only have an option to choose from. The beneficial effect of giving the muscles access to amino acids for a greater number of hours is positive regardless of the time of day. During sleep, however, it is extra critical that the uptake is slow. It’s extra critical because you will not eat while you sleep and therefore need a slower protein. So, although it works other times of the day as well, and some studies have shown that people who consume a combo get more muscle, Casein comes to its full right as an evening meal. Casein has a thicker texture compared with whey, which contributes to a slower intestinal intake and increases saturation. If you think the texture is too powerful, like it’s hard to swallow, you can make it a pudding. You can make a protein pudding by mixing a serving in a shake and setting in the fridge for a while. Then the consistency becomes more puddinglike. Then you can eat the case straight from the shake with spoon. Do you want to add a little extra, mix with blueberries / raspberries or other berries that you prefer, and enjoy the pudding together with sweet almonds or walnuts. The nuts give you vitamins and minerals like zinc and magnesium, but also useful cats. SummaryCasein increases saturation, improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the risk of cheating with diet because you get faster. It gives you protein for several hours, and therefore has more long-term effects on protein synthesis versus whey, making it a perfect evening meal. The prolonged uptake makes the muscles never need to go without nutrition, which protects from muscle loss during diet – since access to amino acids for a long time works anti-catabolic. Studies have shown that a combination of casein and whey can work better for muscle growth. But even though the supplement fits best as an evening meal there is no reason not to use the other times of the day, along with whey mailworkout, or as an snack. No matter what time of day you use casein, the effect is less muscle breakdown and more muscle build-up. If you want to make the most of the diet, it’s probably wiser to use both casein and whey. Whey around the exercise mainly, to stimulate protein synthesis quickly, and casein in the evening to give the body access to muscle-building nutrition during the night when the body burns fat. Then you get more of your energy turnover, muscle growth and can also maintain a greater part of your muscle mass because casein works anti-catabolic, and a combination increases the results a bit extra.

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